Our Fleet

Doerle Food Services, L.L.C. will meet all your delivery needs.


  • Doerle operates a fleet consisting of over 70 tractors and 90 trailers that range from 24 bobtails to 53 trailers. Our fleet equipment includes International and Freight liner trucks along with Utility brand 3 compartment bulkhead trailers equipped with the latest Thermo-King Refrigeration Units.

  • Our trucks are equipped with RydeSmart GPS-enabled safety & temperature monitoring computer technology.
  • Our team of drivers is given an extensive training program by our most experienced and certified trainers. All of our drivers pride themselves on being very safe drivers and are rewarded for doing so quarterly and at the end of each year.
  • Doerle Food Services complies with and strictly adheres to all DOT regulations.
  • Doerle's transportation fleet operates from it's facilities in Broussard, Shreveport, and Port Fourchon, Louisiana and prides itself on making on-time deliveries to your back door throughout the  states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. We also have a Shuttle Depot site in Hammond, LA.
  • Doerle also maintains its own mechanic shop, leased by Ryder, on premises for fleet maintenance and repairs.


Broussard, LA: 53 tractors, 8 Bobtails, 53 trailers

Shreveport, LA: 10 tractors, 4 Bobtails, 20 trailers

Hammond, LA: 9 tractors, 18 trailers
Port Fourchon, LA: 3 Bobtails, 2 Vans



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